Human Beings are Capable of so Much More Than We Think

Visionary Organizers are people who experiment with the following components of Visionary Organizing to transform people, communities, and organizations: 

  • Locating ourselves and communities within systems and history 

  • Connecting to and Trusting Our Collective Inner Wisdom

  • Affirming Dignity

  • Experimenting with Community Self-Reliance

  • Imagining futures

With systems thinking, emergence thinking, transformative thinking, growth and facilitation skills, Visionary Organizers practice these components to create processes, communities, and systems where all people are seen and heard. The Lab is where you, your group or organization, and students can develop the skills needed to become Visionary Organizers and create and experiment with Visionary Organizing. 


Whether you enter the Lab as an individual, a group or organization, or as a group of students, VOL will transform curios and open-minded people into Visionary Organizers by engaging them in our five core curriculum areas: 

  • Historical Education & transformative thinking 

  • Knowledge of new economies, institutions, cultural practices and how they are created

  • Communication & Interpersonal Skills

  • Introspective Work (including values alignment and self-assessment)

  • Visionary Outlook (courage, innovation, and imagination) 


Knowledge in these areas are building blocks for systems thinking, emergence thinking, transformative thinking, growth skills, and facilitation skills. By building these blocks with VOL, people become more empathetic, learn to let go of old patterns and create new ones, understand and have a language to explain human history, our present, what our future can look like, and can engage usefully with difference.

We have specific labs for individuals, groups & organizations, and students that want to become Visionary Organizers.





We provide individuals with the skills needed for for Visionary Organizing by offering a suite of classes and workshops that introduce people to Visionary Organizing that can also be taken as standalone courses.

We provide the skills needed for Visionary Organizing to groups, organizations, and foundations working on, or interested in community self-reliance and non-profits and social enterprises that want to affirm dignity.

Our programming for students develops the skills needed for Visionary Organizing by putting students’ personal experiences into relationship with a global history of oppression and resistance

Visionary Organizing Lab serves all geographic locations through the use of online teaching and training. For more information about in-person workshops and opportunities, please contact us directly.