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VOL teaches an approach to change that supports individuals, students, and groups & organizations to Exist Differently.


How do want our relationships, communities, campuses, jobs, and organizations to be? 

Competition, greed, scarcity, selfishness and oppression powerfully shape the ways we exist. Visionary Organizing Lab’s programming offers communities, individuals, and organizations a path to exist differently because it roots them in the six components of Visionary Organizing and teaches them the skills needed to experiment with them. The six components of Visionary Organizing are​:

Recognizing and Nurturing Interdependence-

Locating Ourselves and Communities in History

Affirming Dignity 

Trusting Our Collective Inner Wisdom

Imagining New Possibilities 

Experimenting With Transformation


If we practice all these components in relationships with others, a way of Existing will emerge that is very different from the racist, sexist, capitalist, and individualist ways of existing that have characterized the last 400 years. 

To practice these components in ways that facilitate existing differently, we have to unlearn the ways of thinking, being, and doing that paralyze us in the face of climate change, violence, and oppression. VOL's programs facilitate this transformation by developing the following skills

Systems  Thinking 

Relational Thinking 

Transformative Thinking 

Growth Skills 

Facilitation Skills 


When practiced in combination with these skills, the components of Visionary Organizing allow us to exist differently because they create sustainable, dignity affirming communities and organizations.

To learn more about these components and skills, enter the Lab

To see these skills and components in action, check out our media

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