Visionary Organizing Lab is an educational laboratory designed to transform curious and open-minded people into Visionary Organizers.


What might happen if personal and community transformation changed the course of history?

We believe that Visionary Organizers need to understand history and the person's role in creating it, how exposure to new ideas changes minds, and how love for self, others, and community happens from a realization that there is good and bad in all of us. 


In our labs individuals, organizations, and students get exposed to media, classes, workshops, and trainings that provide individuals with tools that visionary organizers use:


  • Systems Thinking – Ability to name how personal, community, and organizational problems are related to larger cultural and systemic factors 

  • Emergence Thinking – Ability to name how projects, systems, and ways of being that affirm dignity, life, and meet needs can develop from interdependent relationships

  • Transformative Thinking – Ability to see and name the points where personal transformation and organizational/group and community transformation depend on each other

  • Growth Skills – Ability to reflect on and let go of old ways of thinking, being, and doing and develop new ways of thinking, being, and doing

  • Facilitation Skills – Ability to create conditions and containers that fuel emergence


With these tools, Visionary Organizers can experiment with the components of Visionary Organizing:  


  • Locating ourselves and communities within history 

  • Connecting to and Trusting Our Collective Inner Wisdom

  • Affirming Dignity 

  • Imagination

  • Experimenting with Community Self-Reliance