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Helping Students Make Sense of the World and Transform It.

Students are coming into adulthood amidst urgent crises and are forced to confront problems they played no role in creating. Thanks to a pandemic, #Blacklivesmatter, climate change, and #metoo, they know better than any other group of people that we must exist differently to live healthy lives and thrive. So that they can lead us all in creating the future, organizations, and communities we all need, Visionary Organizing Lab's programming for students provides them with the skills to practice Visionary Organizing and exist differently.

Students develop the tools of Visionary Organizers working with our expert facilitator-teachers who put students’ personal experiences in the context of a global history of systemic oppression and connect students to the work of activists who are creating new systems.


Our student workshops can be taken online or in-person as single offerings or as a series. Each workshop is two-hours long and incorporates vital component of Visionary Organizing that allow students to transition from a focus on the problem to learning about the power of our inner wisdom and, finally, to creating a project to solve a community based problem. While they can be taken in any order, to maximize the learning experience we encourage students  to experience our workshops in the following sequence:

  • Learning to Exist Otherwise 

  • Solutions from beyond What We Think We Are 

  • Into the Future

If you are a student or represent a group of students, contact us directly to discuss how we might support you.
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