Helping Students Make Sense of the World and Transform It.

Visionary Organizing Lab’s work is ideally suited for a generation of students who have experienced #Blacklivesmatter, climate change, vicious inequality, and a global pandemic. 


We provide students with building blocks for growth skills, systems thinking, emergence thinking, transformative thinking, and facilitation skills needed by Visionary Organizers to transform campuses and communities. Students develop the tools of Visionary Organizers working with our expert facilitator-teachers who put students’ personal experiences in the context of a global history of systemic oppression and connect students to the work of activists who are creating new systems.

If you are affiliated with a group of students or a university and want to enter the lab, Visionary Organizing Lab will work with you to create a custom program that helps your students make sense of the world they are entering and how they might transform it by becoming Visionary Organizers.


Our work with students is broken down into three areas:

  • Understanding the Past, where we put student’s experiences in conversation with a global history of oppression

  • Imagining the Future, where we put students’ experiences in conversation with activists who are creating new systems and support students develop visions for new systems

  • Re-imagining Ourselves, where we support students to explore how they need to transform themselves to bring these visions to reality.


Each of these areas can be offered in 2- and 4-hour sessions, in day-long or multiple day blocks depending on preference. We also offer week-long intensive trainings in Visionary Organizing for students. Contact us below for more details.

If you are a student or represent a group of students, contact us directly to discuss how we might support you.