VOL is for anyone curious about the world.

Visionary Organizing Lab believes that all people, regardless of educational, racial, gender, sexual, and economic backgrounds and abilities are needed to become visionaries for new ways of being and living. If you, your organization, workplace, or students have ever asked any of the following questions, then Visionary Organizing Lab is a perfect partner for you.  


  • Might all the chaos in the world be a symptom of something way bigger happening?

  • How can I contribute to creating more loving communities?

  • How can I change myself to change the world? 

  • What can I do to create a world that values dignity? 

  • How can I contribute to making well-being matter more than money? 

  • Can I create self-sustaining communities? 

  • How do I grow into who I’m supposed to be?

  • What do I and others need to become more fully ourselves? 

  • Why doesn’t my job or organization live up to its values?

  • Why is my humanity not valued? 

  • How are racism, sexism, poverty, and other forms of oppression related?

  • Could oppression be a symptom of something else?