Creating New Cultural Practices Within Groups and Organizations.

When people have a shared understanding of how important their work is, they invest in it in transformative ways. 


Unfortunately, people within the same organization or group often lack a shared understanding of what their work is. 


To support groups and organizations to become Visionary Organizers, our programs for them consist of two tracks:

  • Groups, Organizations, and Foundations working toward or interested in working towards or funding community self-reliance

  • Nonprofits and social enterprises who aren’t working towards community self-reliance but want to create dignity affirming systems internal to their organizations

In each track, VOL provides trainings and workshops that support groups to develop a shared understanding of their work’s implications within a larger, systems-based framework.


For groups working on collective self-reliance, this larger systems based framework supports groups to root themselves in the importance of their work at this historical moment and in relationship to the history of oppression. 


For groups that aren’t working on collective self-reliance, this larger systems based framework supports groups to see the importance of their work in the context of larger systems that allow racism, sexism, economic inequality, and climate change to thrive.  


Each track provides organizational and group-wide building blocks for growth skills, systems thinking, emergence thinking, and transformative thinking by helping them understand the history of their work, guiding them towards a shared vision and values for the future of their work, and by supporting them in developing new systems that align with this vision and values.


Community Self-reliance

Nonprofit and Social Enterprise

For bookings and inquiries about programs for your group or organization, send us a message [link] and we’ll get back to you promptly.