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How Do We Want Our Groups, Organizations, Jobs, and Institutions to Be? 

We provide groups and organizations with the skills needed for Visionary Organizing through a curriculum tailored to different kinds of groups and organizations. Our work with groups and organizations falls into an approach to social change we call "Being-based." 


These approaches assume that alongside our material needs, Humans have an innate pursuit to understand themselves and define ourselves on our own terms. This pursuit aligns with an inner-wisdom, or intuition, that is stunted by poverty, racism, sexism, and other forms of oppression.  Being-Based Approaches to change re-connect us to our inner-wisdom and explore how we might meet our material needs in ways that satisfy this hunger. 


We currently work with community based organizations, faith based groups, and philanthropic groups that want to explore BEing-based approaches to social change. Click the video to learn about our work with groups and organizations.

If your group or organization wants to partner with VOL to explore BEing-based approaches to social change, including BEing-based approaches to professional development, please fill out a booking inquiry or contact bookings [AT] 

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