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The Tools To Experiment With Visionary Organizing.

We design our classes and workshops to be standalone courses that teach the tools of Visionary Organizing. However, we recommend that people complete our Building Blocks of Visionary Organizing curriculum to get the most well-rounded introduction into becoming Visionary Organizers and to Existing Differently.


There are thousands of interconnected relationships and systems that make our daily lives possible. Despite these interconnections, we tend to see ourselves as independent entities.  VOL assumes that when we become aware of these connections, we can nurture them  and utilize them as sources of transformative power. 


By practicing the components of Visionary Organizing, individuals in communities can connect to the transformative power of interconnection and facilitate the emergence of a way of Existing that is very different from the racist, sexist, capitalist, and individualist ways of existing that have characterized the last 400 years. 


By Existing differently, individuals can embody a vision of a future for their communities that is rooted in interconnectedness, mutual care and respect, understanding of history, and trust within their inner wisdom. Our curriculum for individuals creates opportunities for experimenting with these new ways of BEing in an intergenerational, inclusive space.


The entire curriculum consists of 7 workshops and 1 class, and takes 6 months to complete. Each class and workshop within this curriculum  is offered twice a year. Participants can register for one workshop or class or all of them. You can also take them in any order.

After completing VOLs introductory curriculum in Visionary Organizing, you are eligible to become a part of a longer, year-long intensive training in Visionary Organizing designed to support people in deepening their skills, knowledge, and creating a local project that allows a community to Exist Differently. Read more about the curriculum below.

Coming into these [Visionary Organizing Lab] classes has been mind-altering. I now understand how we got here, and I’m finally at a point where I feel like I understand where we are now, and what we need to do next.

- Julie Marron-Parker, Kalamazoo, Michigan


Our Building Blocks of Visionary Organizing workshops allow people to develop the skills needed for Visionary Organizing through a facilitated exploration of each component of Visionary Organizing. They are each two-hours long, offered online, and can be taken in any order. 


Multi-session labs are place to explore the components of Visionary Organizing deeply and the relationships between the components. We offer a four-session class, Transitions, Growth, and Emergence: The Evolving Theory of Visionary Organizing and a four-session workshop, Growing Our Souls: The Practice of Visionary Organizing. The class is text based and the workshop is experience based. They can both be taken with or without participating in Building Blocks of Visionary Organizing Workshops.  

I'm an intuitive person and the work of VOL tapped into what I knew in my bones but gave me a historical--and today's--context to put it in.

- Myrtle Thompson-Curtis, Detroit, MI, Feedom Freedom Growers

Interested in a different workshop or class topic that you don’t see offered here? Shoot us a message and we’d be happy to talk more about future workshops and classes.
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