We believe that being a visionary is a choice. Vision resides in all of us.

We believe visionaries change the world by cultivating creativity, commitment, enthusiasm and compassion.

A vision incubator and a community centre, Visionary Lab offers a unique combination of services, resources, inspiration, and collaboration to the visionaries of today and tomorrow, helping you to make a positive impact in the world. No matter where you are with your vision, we are committed to giving you the tools to move closer to your goals.


Vision Master Circle

We serve the community of visionaries, sharing ideas, experiences and knowledge. Our unique, powerful and intimate events and retreats let visionaries challenge each other, collaborate and grow, and forge lifelong friendships.


Vision Impossible

As part of our ongoing commitment to supporting and encouraging visionaries, we run adventurous initiatives and projects to catalyse vision in individuals and organisations, encouraging innovation, entrepreneurship, leadership and personal growth.


Vision Partnership

We create vision partnerships with visionaries to unfold their ideas, to uncover hidden blocks, to create inner commitments, to see more possibilities and to make a bigger impact in the world.

"Every great task that has ever been accomplished has first been merely a vision in the mind of its creator."

Theron Dumont


We believe that being a visionary is a choice; we all have the potential to be visionary. It's up to us to call out the creative power within ourselves.

A visionary is someone committed to the process of implementing their vision of a better future into reality.

A visionary integrates creativity, mercurial insight, imagination, relaxed focus, real enthusiasm and absolute commitment to taking action.

A visionary looks to the future while being grounded in the present. They forge their own path and inspire others to work together towards a common goal.

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