We serve the community of visionaries, sharing ideas, experiences and knowledge. Our unique, powerful and intimate events and retreats let visionaries challenge each other, collaborate and grow, and forge lifelong friendships.


The VisionaryLab Master Circle Symposiums are highly engaging dinner events that gather a small group of inspiring visionaries to debate, challenge, share, support and laugh with each other in intimate and unique settings.

At a VisionaryLab Master Circle Symposium event, you will:

  • Create strong bonds with other extraordinary visionaries, creating networks, support structures and friendships.
  • Take your vision to the next level and process goals towards the impact you want to create in the world.
  • Share knowledge, experience, mindset shifts, personal growth practices and key learnings that will take your life to the next level.

These themed events take place in unique locations around London.

We are thrilled to announce our first symposium event at Quo Vadis, London in June 2016.




The VisionaryLab Master Circle Island is an invitation-only transformational retreat that gathers an extraordinary group of visionaries to dream the impossible and commit to making positive changes to the world.

In this retreat, we create a powerful space to expand your visions, to call out your greatness, to balance and change through powerful coaching, creative vision meditation, somatic movement, profound mind shifts, unique adventures and deep connections.  

The retreat takes place twice a year in unique locations across the world.

Details of the next retreat are coming soon!